Why Are Induction Cooktops So Expensive?

why are induction cooktops so expensive

Induction cooking is at variance with the thermal stove. We are all cognizant that thermal cooking involves flames and fire, but induction cooking can cook your food without flame. Such cooking involves magnetic induction. Heat is produced through magnetic flux which cooks your food. In existing time, more people are using an induction stove.

Stoves of flames are something getting old now. Many people are going to buy induction stoves, but they find that the costs are rising high. People are also faced with buying some new pots and pans to work with induction hobs. I recently wrote about this when I talked about using pressure cookers on induction hobs. Along with induction stove comes induction cooktops which transmit heat through a glass sheet.

Customers are frequently asking as to why induction cooktops are expensive to buy? For this, we must understand how your product works. This will justify the cost of induction cooktops you are going to buy. As you will read on, you will go through the details of an induction cooktop.

Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop has a glass sheet which let’s heat to pass through it. It has an electromagnetic coil fitted under it. Let us now understand how an induction cooktop works. When you switch on the burner for cooking food, the coil fitted underneath lets electric current to run through itself.

As the electric current starts running through it, there is a magnetic field generated. Once you place a pan on it, the pan’s metal starts heating up by smaller currents. So basically, the pan is not heated up by the burner directly.

People are likely to use induction stove and induction cooktops because it lets you cook your food quicker than on a gas stove. On top of that, you will not get dark spots in the pan that are likely to appear with a gas stove.

Why are induction cooktops so costly?

Since induction cooktops are among new technologies, there are a number of reasons which contributes to high costs. Firstly, cooktops contain very high power.

The least power supply starts from 1300 watts. The more power involved, the higher its price will be. Secondly, you should review the size of the burner. If the size of the burner is big, then obviously, they will cost you more.

The biggest as to why cooktops are expensive is because of the safety it provides. You should be aware that while cooking, the burner heats up the pan, not the cooktop, making it safe to use.