Is an Induction Cooktop the Same as a Glass Cooktop?

is induction cooktop the same as glass

The induction cooktop is one which heats only the cookware in contact with it. It creates heat energy directly by creating an electromagnetic field which ignites the iron atoms in the pan and creates heat. Whereas, a glass cooktop or a ceramic cooktop consists of metal coils which are inside the tempered cooktop of glass. The metal coils are burned electrically and then transfer the heat to the pan, and thus the food is cooked.

Both the cooktops are different in their heating ways, but their main feature is to produce heat to cook food.

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Below is a comparison of the induction and glass cooktops:

Safety Comparison

Induction cooktops are much safer as compared to the glass cooktops because induction cooktops only heat the pans and the rest of the cooktop remains cool, so there is no chance of getting accidental burnings. While the glass cooktops transfer the heat electrically which may cause the cooktop also to become hot.

Cooking Time Comparison

Time comparison – An induction cooktop cooks food faster as compared to the glass cooktops. The process of induction initiates heat instantly, and the pan heats up, and the food instantly comes to a boil. Thus, this reduces the cooking time. Whereas in glass cooktops, the heat is produced by electrical force when the coils heat up, so the cooking and heating process takes more time.

Heat comparison

Induction cooktops are very efficient as the heat is generated quickly and only the pan is heated up, so there is no room for the escape of heat. In the case of glass cooktop, it takes the time to heat, so a certain amount of heat escapes the cooktops. Glass cooktops also becomes hot in other places and retains the heat for a period after the switch has been turned off.

Cleaning Comparison

Both the induction and glass cooktops have a flat and smooth surface, so cleaning them is very easy. However, in the case of a glass cooktop, the rest of the area of the cooktop also heats up so spilled over or boiled over food may become baked on it due to heat which will be difficult to clean. In the case of an induction cooktop, the rest of the cooktop remains cool, so even if food spills over, it does not become baked or stuck. So, cleaning an induction cooktop is very easy, you just have to wipe with a damp cloth.

Cost Comparison

The initial cost of an induction cooktop is high and costly, but over the time it is cost efficient and fewer bills. While a glass top may be cheaper than the induction cooktop but it’s after costs are more.