Do Induction Cooktops Need Special Cookware?

special cookware for induction stovetop

Induction cooking involves cooking food through electricity and magnetic fields. Nowadays, more people are opting for induction cooking rather than cooking food on a gas stove. If you own an induction stove, you must also have an induction cooktop. An induction cooktop is made of glass. It is just like a sheet to be spread out on the stove.

It can transmit heat from the burner to the pan. Most importantly, having an induction cooktop is advantageous. Why? It is because induction cooktops are safe to use. On top of everything, an induction stove can cook your food faster than a gas stove. So, most people recommend using an induction stove.

As you will be purchasing an induction cooktop, you must also look into the directions to use it. You should be aware of what cookware should be used on the induction cooktop. Here, we are going to give detailed information on the dos and don’ts while using an induction cooktop.

For instance cooking with a pressure cooker on induction burners means you have to use a stainless steel pot which you may or may not have.

What Kind of Cookware Must Be Used for Induction Cooktops?

One must already know that an induction stove cooks food without any direct contact with the burner. An induction stove has a coiled wire which generates heats, heating up the pan. If you have an induction cooktop, you must keep one thing in mind that the cookware you use should be of magnetic material. Any pot or pan which is made up of any magnetic material can work on an induction stove and induction cooktop.

Basically, the reason why the magnetic material is used is that electrons can move through it, creating an electric current which produces heat to cook your food. The magnetic materials which could be used for cooking an induction cooktop are steel, cast iron or magnetic stainless steel (but this must contain some amount of iron in it). Also, ceramic-clad and pots that are enameled can work with an induction cooktop since they have small amounts of iron in it.

When your magnetic pots sit on the glass top surface of the induction hob the magnetic field is what heats up the pan.

Pots Which Will Not Work on An Induction Cooktop

It is obvious that materials which do not have magnetic material in them will fail to work on an induction cooktop. Precisely, glass, copper and aluminum pots and pans will not work on this system unless they have a layer covering made up of magnetic material. If they do not contain any magnetic material, your food will not cook.