Are Induction Cooktops Better Than Electric?

are induction cooktops better than electric

Induction is the process of transferring heat energy to the area in contact with it. Induction consists of electromagnets that transfer the energy to the pans in touch with it and cause the iron atoms in the pan to create heat energy, thus cooks the food this way.

Induction cooktops are super energy efficient and when you use pressure cooking on induction hobs the energy efficiency is enhanced even more.

The term induction is not a new concept, however, in the case of induction cooktops, it is gaining immense popularity nowadays. You would think that “why induction cooktops” when you have the conventional electric cooktops? Well, the answer to this is that how often have you burnt your hands on the electric cooktops? Or why are you more careful with electric cooktops when kids are around?

The new technology of induction cooktops is far better than electric cooktops. The benefits are listed below:


When it comes to cooking, safety comes first. In the case of electric burners, you have to be careful that you don’t burn your hands or stop the kids from touching the cooktops as they are hot. But in the case of induction cooktops, you do not have to worry at all. Induction cooktops only heat the pan (so long as you use the right type of pan for induction technology) which is in contact with the burner, the rest of the cooktop remains cold. Another safety feature of the induction cooktops is that it automatically switches off, so you need not worry about touching the burners after taking the pan off. Also, you can touch the burner within seconds after cooking and removing the pan because it goes back to its regular temperature within seconds, unlike the electric burners which stay hot for a long time. So, in the case of induction, there is no chance of accidents.


An induction cooktop heats pans and other cooking stuff much faster as compared to the electric cooktop. It is because of the process it creates heat energy through exciting the iron atoms in the pan the heat is transferred quickly to the food in the pan. In the case of electric, the heat is created indirectly so it takes the time to heat up.

Energy Efficient

Induction cooktop efficiently saves energy and also your cost of bills as compared to electric cooktops. It transfers heat to only the cookware in contact with it, so no heat is lost. It heats up quickly so less energy is used and less electrical bills.


Cleaning an induction cooktop is extremely easy, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth and nothing else. As the cooktop or surrounding area does not heat up, so if food boils over, there is no baked and stuck food in the cooktop like electric burners so easy maintenance of induction cooktops.