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Induction Cooking at Cooks RoostHave you ever wondered why some people love induction cooktops? If you’ve never used one before then you are missing out…

and probably confused as to why these stove tops are so expensive and different from everything else.

How can it possibly not use heat to heat your food?!?

Well in summary these cooktops use magnetic fields to transfer energy into metals heating them up. That’s why things that have no magnetic draw don’t work on them.

Ahem, aluminum.

Here on Cooks Roost I want to create a resource for you to learn a bit about induction cooking, it’s benefits, it’s drawbacks. I want to help other people who have been forced into using induction cooking surfaces due to rental situations or hand-me-downs to learn to love them as much as I do.

Check out this fun introduction video to Induction Cooking!

Induction cooking is energy efficient, safe, and super easy to master.

To start I want to point you at the first featured posts on this site. Surely there will be many more to follow.

These are fit into the frequently asked questions section of this website. I’m sure this section will be quite long as there are tons of questions people ask about induction cooking.

Funny, nobody has a problem understanding how a gas flame works. When it’s big it heats faster and hotter. When it’s small it heats slower and lower.

With induction there is a never ending flow of things to learn to the novice cook.

This is and we are here to help. Jump right into any of the following features that interest you.

can you use a pressure cooker on an induction burnerCan You Use a Pressure Cooker on An Induction Cooktop? – This is common question that is easy to answer. Aluminum cookware doesn’t work on induction cooking surfaces. This article goes into more depth on the topic.

why are induction cooktops so expensiveWhy Are Induction Cooktops So Expensive? – Induction stove tops look just like electric glass top stoves but the price is so much higher. This article tells you exactly why they cost more and why the price is worth it.

What Type of Pressure Cooker Is Best for Induction Stove TopsWhat Type of Pressure Cooker Is Best for Induction Stove Tops? – If not all pressure cookers will work on an induction stovetop but some will then a bit of a guide is needed don’t you think. In this article I share with you a lesson on what to look for in a pressure cooker if you have induction in the kitchen.

is induction cooktop the same as glassIs an Induction Cooktop the Same as a Glass Cooktop? – Probably the most common question I get when I’m talking to people about stoves. Most people think that glass top stoves are the same as induction but that is not the case. This article will explain the differences and help you identify an induction burner whenever you see one.

special cookware for induction stovetopDo Induction Cooktops Need Special Cookware? – Similar to the questions I get about pressure cookers many people are faced with finding new cookware when they buy an induction stove. Basically anything made of aluminum is not likely to work unless there is a hybrid base common in high end cookware. Read this article for more information.

are induction cooktops better than electricAre Induction Cooktops Better Than Electric? – Another super common question I run into is something along the lines of this. People wonder if the price of induction is so high compared to gas or electric burners then is it worth it. I think it is an in this article I will try to convince you that the high cost of the burners themselves are worth it in the long run.

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